“COLOR BLOCKS 2018”  – Mauricio Morillas

February 1, 2018 – March 31, 2018

Mauricio Morillas, “Aqua Block”, 12 x 12 inches, mixed media with resin and metal on wood panel, 2018

ARTMIX is proud to present COLOR BLOCK SERIES – 2018 featuring new work by Mexican artist Mauricio Morillas.  For this dramatically vibrant series, Morillas uses a range of techniques and processes including drilling and painting on wood panel, embedding metal rings and hardware in multiple coats of hi-gloss resin, to create three-dimensional, rich and compelling artworks.  For hours and appointments, please call the gallery at 917-603-2154.



Mauricio Morillas, “ZONE”, 2017, 36×30 inches, mixed media with wire, pigment and resin on wood panel


a solo studio show featuring striking new work by MAURICIO MORILLAS

 November 17  – December 9, 2017

For this body of mixed media work, Morillas investigates the infinite shades of white, off-white, grey and black. Working with such diverse elements as pigment, acrylic, metal, glass and resin on wood panel, Morillas carefully builds layers and transforms his materials to create shadows and indentations until his composition is complete. In his characteristically unique style, he blends and repurposes his materials to merge minimalism with dramatic textures and subtle detail. Each piece is a unique vision preserving texture within an overall aesthetic that balances tension with harmony.

In this era of polarizing views, antagonizing words, fake news and jarring perspectives, even “neutral” is a statement and one wonders if anything really is “neutral”.   While Morillas’s art is not political in subject matter, he addresses the theme that neutral may have many connotations. As such, his work explores the full range of possibilities within the abstract color of “neutral”.   His presentation is both calming and visually challenging.

“Neutral Territory” opens at ARTMIX’s studio gallery on November 17 and continues through December 9, 2017. For this exhibition, gallery hours are 11am to 6pm, Fridays and Saturdays; other days by appointment. ARTMIX is located at 160 Union Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 11231 (F or G trains to Carroll stop). For more information, please contact the gallery at 917-603-2154 or